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For bugfix~ adult genepet asked me about "the origin of species" if I'm not wrong. They were worried about being created instead of born.
In "The Differences", instead of their name it says [Petnname]
I assume the extra n tripped the value!

Also, she finally left. I would like the loads to also show me their stats when they left! XD

I don't know if I'll add any significant features to this project (as opposed to bugfixes), as I'm eager to move on to other things, but if I do revisit this, I'll consider adding that!


I understand!
Just felt like pointing it. It's a fun game, even if it went from raising a pet to raising a kid XD

Thanks for catching that! I've uploaded a hotfix.


i ADORE your game ! The concept is original,very sciency and in depth mechanics ..i hope you keep developing it this way because so far its truly fascinating ! ..i mean ,you just published and its already my favorite here <3

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Thank you! However, I'm afraid to tell you that this is currently planned to be the final release, aside from bugfixes or balance tweaks.